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About The Miracle Bay

Map of The Miracle Bay

Welcome to The Miracle Bay!

The Miracle Bay is the fictional setting for everything that happens in our universe. Miracle Bay sits at the mouth of the Miracle River surrounded by all forms of commercial spaces, residential communities and recreational activities. The Miracle Bay is chock full of places to go and things to do.

In The Miracle Bay, we have the cities of Boot Hill, Center Point and Hidden Shore where each of our characters live. We also have the cities of Puzzled Cove and Toil City where most of the people work. We have entertainment at Hermit Pier with putt putt golf and the Movie Plex 16. For those characters with children, we have youth sports where they can sign their kids up for soccer, baseball, softball and football with Miracle Bay Youth Athletics

Characters can even get away from it all to places like Eagle's Nest, Lofty Retreat and Cursed Booty Island.


Warning: Fever Dream Ahead!

Warning: Fever Dream Ahead!

Ever wonder what a fever dream looks like in real life? That's the best way to describe how so much of The Miracle Bay was conceived. 

To take a peek into the daily lives of The Miracle Bay characters, you can visit them on multiple social media platforms. From TikTok to Instagram and Facebook, we have videos of all kinds where you can watch our characters come to life.

Watch how each character, business and school takes shape and hopefully helps you escape for at least a minute or two. After a while, you'll start wondering if you're trapped in the middle of our fever dream too. 

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A Great Setting Makes Everything Better!

To make things as realistic as possible in The Miracle Bay, we continue to build out more and more settings. Some are businesses and some are just places but they all add to The Miracle Bay experience:

  • BOOT HILL COLLEGE - Founded in 1955, Boot Hill College (BHC) was created with an endowment from the Hill Family in the former location of the Boot Hill Preparatory School. BHC is a liberal arts college focused on the humanities. Located in the Downtown Historic District of Boot Hill, it is steeped in Old World architecture and history.
  • CURSED BOOTY ISLAND - No one has ever found the treasure of the dread pirate Brown Beard. They say there is a curse on the island and that anyone who disturbs the treasure will pay dearly for it. This makes Cursed Booty Island the perfect place for a kids Summer Camp!
  • MIRACLE BAY YOUTH ATHLETICS - As the communities local youth recreational league, MBYA is the place to go to watch humanity at its finest.
  • SLACKERS - Everyone needs a great burger. Slackers not only serves great burgers but also amazing fries and shakes. Just don't ask too much of the staff.
    • Bay Cable
    • Bay Regional Health
    • Bay Wireless
    • Center Point High School
    • Cloth Co
    • Miracle Bay Motors
    • Miracle Bay Police Department
    • Miracle Bay Public Television
    • Pancake Hut
    • Pizza Feast
    • Rigging
    • The Rowdy Pelican
    • The Serval Cellar
    • World Co