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Miracle Bay Gaming

Games For The Entire Family!

Miracle Bay Gaming (MBG) is our division of The Miracle Bay where we provide fun games to the real world to complement the creativity of our virtual world! 

The vision is to create card and board games for the whole family to enjoy. Our first card game is a twist on the holiday gift exchange. We call it That's Messed Up! 

Each player is encouraged to bring multiple gifts (several small in value items instead of just a single more expensive one) so that the Gift Stack has plenty of options. And don't open your gift immediately when you get it because it can be just your little secret until the end of the game! 


More Coming Soon!

We have several board games and other traditional card games in our design lab. Some we plan to release very soon.

Give us some feedback on That's Messed Up! and let us know if we are headed in the right direction with games that your families enjoy:



That's Messed Up!

Whether you've called it Dirty Santa, Yankee Swap or White Elephant all your life, we took the classic gift exchange game to the next level AND made it a game that can be fun for any occasion.

That's Messed Up! takes the gift swap rules that you've known (or made up along the way) and tosses them out the window. No more writing numbers on little pieces of paper to figure out the order of play.

To start, get everyone in a circle (or around a table), read the first card and choose one of the TWO options. Repeat with each person drawing a card until you are back at the start. Go as many rounds as you'd like (3 to 5 is probably best based on the size of your group).

So gather your closest (or not so close) friends for any occasion (holidays, birthdays, Friday night game night) & have everyone bring a gift or two. One for you and maybe one to add to the GIFT STACK.

We guarantee some of the options on the cards will leave you saying … "That's Messed Up!"

Here are the complete rules for That's Messed Up!

Basic Rules:

  1. Each player brings ONE gift to exchange - more than one if they want to spice up the game.
  2. Each player keeps ONE of their brought gifts & puts all the EXTRA gifts in a pile called the GIFT STACK.
  3. Do NOT unwrap your gift(s) until it is your turn & only if you want to OR keep them wrapped to stay a secret.
  4. Game starts with the youngest player drawing a card.
  5. Each card has TWO options, choose only ONE. Unless stated otherwise, GIVE and SWAP actions are from your pile of gifts.
  6. Play continues to the left with each player drawing ONE card for the round.
  7. Each round is over when you return to the youngest player.

End of Game:

  1. Game is played for a minimum of 3 rounds & a maximum of 5. (party host choice)
  2. When the last round completes & reaches the youngest player, the youngest player gets to play one last time by drawing a card OR taking a gift from the GIFT STACK.
  3. If there are any players with no gifts at the end of all rounds, they can each choose ONE gift from any remainders in the GIFT STACK.
  4. If there are still gifts in the GIFT STACK at the end of the game, the youngest player gets those gifts as well.

High Roller Option (individual player choice) [OPTIONAL]

  1. If a player chooses NOT to pick a card in a round, they must forfeit ONE gift to the GIFT STACK for that round. Beware, this CAN leave a player with no gifts.
  2. If a player has NO gifts in a round when it becomes their turn, they must take one gift from the GIFT STACK and NOT draw a card. If there are no gifts available in the GIFT STACK, the player loses their turn.