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DIY Build-A-Floral (30 flower) Kit, Square Short Glass Vase, Sola Wood Flowers

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With our DIY Build-A-Floral Kit, you choose from a variety of flower styles and colors that will allow you to create a one-of-a-kind arrangement for your home, office or as a gift for that special someone. Made with high-quality Sola Wood Flowers and displayed in a beautiful square glass vase, your arrangement will last for years to come.

That's right!

We do the messy work of dipping the flowers in paint, painting and foaming the vase, and stemming the greenery! And you get the chance to make an affordable, beautiful piece of art!

Ask about our multi-kit discounts for parties and large events!

Step 1 - Add this item to your cart and complete your purchase

Step 2 - Review the color and greenery options in the included photos section

Step 3 - We will contact you to collaborate on which flower colors and styles and greenery that you would like in your arrangement and ship the assembled kit to your home

Step 4 - Have fun building your fabulous arrangement! 

Flowers will need to be glued to the provided stems with hot glue or craft cement (not provided in the kit). Vase is pre-foamed. Greenery is pre-stemmed and will need to be cut to length if desired. Crafters wire pliers may be useful to trim and bend stems during assembly (not provided in the kit). 

Remember to tag us on Instagram (@miraclebaystudios) with a picture of your beautiful work!

This 30 Flower DIY Kit includes between 30-36 flowers and stems and 8-10 greenery pre-stemmed accents. Final count of each will depend upon the artist's selection of flower styles and sizes and greenery options during your consultation.

Square Short Glass Vase Dimensions:
Height - 4"
Width - 3.5"

Flower color options (choose up to 3):

  • Ultra Pure White - C1
  • Soft Sunrise (Cream) - C2
  • Fuzzy Peach (Peach) - C3
  • Roasted Corn (Light Yellow) - C4
  • Bohemianism (Lavender) - C5
  • I Heart Potion (Purple) - C6
  • Partly Cloudy (Light Blue) - C7
  • Wild Pansy (Blue/Purple) - C8
  • Timeless Ruby (Red) - C9
  • Heirloom Rose (Red) - C10
  • Cherry Cola (Red) - C11
  • Cherry Fizz (Cherry) - C12
  • Funhouse (Light Pink) - C13
  • Beauty Queen (Hot Pink) - C14
  • Intrigue (Red) - C15

NOTE: If you have different color options more in mind that would better match your decor or needs, contact us at and we'll be happy to develop a custom quote for you.

Greenery style options (choose up to 3)

  • White - Baby's Breath - G1
  • Purple - Sea Lavender (Caspia) - G2
  • Yellow - Sprig - G3
  • Yellow - Sprig (tall) - G4
  • White - Sprig - G5
  • Blue - Lavender - G6
  • Green - Stalk Like - G7
  • Green - Eucalyptus (soft leaf) - G8
  • Green - Reed - G9
  • Green - Eucalyptus (blue green) - G10
  • Green - Mini Ficus - G11
  • Green - Eucalyptus (large leaf) - G12
  • Green - Seed Pod - G13
  • Pink - Seed Pod - G14
  • White - Seed Pod - G15
  • Lt Pink - Seed Pod - G16
  • Red - Eucalyptus - G17
  • Lt Blue - Bunny Tail - G19
  • White - Bunny Tail - G20
  • Black - Bunny Tail - G21
  • Beige - Bunny Tail - G22

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